Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply for a […] Program grant:

-Students must be registered in doctoral programs in Moroccan public universities in AY 2021-2022 in all academic disciplines

– in their third year of studies in the Humanities and Social Science

– in their second year of studies in Science and Technology

-Applicants must hold a Master’s degree or an equivalent qualification

-Applicants must demonstrate excellence in all their degree and research studies and projects

-Aged under 27 years as of December 31st 2021

The Grant:

Successful candidates will benefit from a grant of 8000 DH per month for one year renewable …

Selection Process and Calendar

The application and grantee selection process for the [ … ] Program are supervised by a joint committee made up of representatives and experts of the two academies who will be responsible for the designation of the members of the various specialized selection committees.

Criteria for gender equity, diversity, and balance among various disciplines will be taken into account.

The deadline for receipt of applications on the website is :

No application is examined after that date.

The announcement of the successful candidates is to made on :