Eligibility criteria

The Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology provide doctoral students pursuing higher doctoral studies in Moroccan public universities with a sponsorship allowance for the 2021-2022 academic year. An online application file is made available to them on the programme’s IT platform.

Target audience :

Doctoral students registered, in the second year of their doctorate, in 2021-2022, and pursuing, in Morocco, higher doctoral studies in the exact sciences and in the human and social sciences.

The Grant : 

Successful candidates will benefit from a grant of 8000 DH per month for one year.

Conditions of eligibility :

  • Hold a Masters or equivalent degree
  • Be registered in the 2th year of the doctorate

Selection process and criteria:

The application and grantee selection process for the LD2A Program are supervised by a special committee of experts in each of the two Academies who will examine, rank, and select recipients on the basis of a number of criteria, including:

Applications that meet all the criteria and conditions stated in the present announcement

Priority research fields in relation to Morocco’s social and economic development needs

Fair and balanced distribution among various academic disciplines for the number of available grants, with gender equity taken into full account

The standing of the candidate’s supervising research teams or the host laboratories in terms of scientific and scholarly production, and the quality of the research project proposal for the doctoral thesis.

The deadline for submitting applications and supporting documents is on:  Friday, September 30 at 12:00 (Moroccan Time). Any application that does not comply with this condition will be declared ineligible.