In accordance with their mission to promote the advancement of science, knowledge and culture in Morocco, the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology, announce the joint creation of a new fellowship program entitled The 2 Academies Doctoral Students.

The program will initially concern 60 doctoral or recent post-doctoral researchers in various academic fields.

The 2 Academies Doctoral Students initiative is designed to identify and encourage the most promising young researchers who will be offered the opportunity to achieve their full potential as scholars, scientists and future academic leaders.  The program seeks excellence in cutting edge research in all disciplines, but will target in particular, researchers and scholars in the fields most relevant to Morocco’s present and future needs, and which can meet the nation’s development goals, as defined in the New Development Model.

The Program is elaborated in complete coordination with relevant national government and academic institutions and research bodies in both the public and the private sectors.  It is further designed to ensure complete integration in the multidisciplinary networks of the two academies, participation in their various activities, including scientific conferences and symposia.  Fellows of the […] Program will be given the opportunity for membership in the major international networks and participation at high-level international meetings…

The 2 Academies Doctoral Students Program which is due to be launched in the Academic Year 2021-2022 will offer eligible students pursuing doctoral degrees in Moroccan Public Institutions a fellowship that will enable full-time concentration on their study and research efforts.